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Oxido Cuproso

LoLo Tint

Purple Copp

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Chemet CDC

Cuprous oxide (red copper oxide, Cu2O)

oxido cuprico
American Chemet Corporation is the largest and most versatile manufacturer of cuprous oxide in the world. Our leading technology allows for production of cuprous oxide with unique properties including low tint strength LoLo Tint TM which is used to produce brighter colored antifouling coatings. Chemet CDC™ is a patented product offering reduced leach rates, and improved stability with anti-fouling co-biocides and resin systems.

Cuprous oxide applications

- Anti-fouling paints
- Agricultural foliar fertilizer
- Agricultural fungicide and seed dressing
- Mineral supplements against an insufficiency of copper in the diet of animals
- Preparation of copper chemicals
- Colorant for porcelain, glazes and glass
- Catalyst
- Brazing pastes
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