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Artigos Técnicos - Pigmentos e Efeitos
Ammonium Polyphosphates and Intumescent Coatings in Structural Steel Fire Protection

Passive fire protection, as defined by the Passive Fire Protection Federation, is the primary measure integrated within the layout and structure of a building to provide inherent fire safety and protection against fire, heat and smoke hazard.

Passive fire protection ultimate target is to save people life, this goal is pursued taking measures in all aspect of buildings and constructions fire safety with the specific aim of gaining time, either to control the fire or to evacuate the building: time is of essence in any fire situation, Reactive Coatings primary rating is time, which is delay for structures to reach a given temperature in a fire situation.

Reactive coatings also called Intumescent Coatings, are a fundamental tool for Fire Safety, together with Intumescent products like seals and mastics used to plug penetration gaps they are the basic elements utilised in buildings Passive fire protection: not only they retard drastically fire propagation, the flame retardant and smoke stopping capabilities of these components also enable rescue and emergency services to undertake their jobs in a more controlled environment.

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Treinamento Técnico de Alumínio

Por que utilizar pigmentos de alumínio?

Download de treinamento técnico de alumínio desenvolvido pela Colornet.

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Pigmentos VMF (Vacuum Metallized Flake)

StarBrite® - Vacuum Metallized Flake Pigments

Color stylists and coatings formulators continually look for new and exciting special effect pigments to deliver novel aesthetics through liquid coatings. Current styling trends in the automotive and consumer goods markets demand the flash and eye-catching appeal of brushed metallic and liquid metal effects. Because this smooth, mirror-like metallic effect cannot be achieved with conventional ball-milled aluminum pigments, StarBrite Vacuum Metallized Flake (VMF) pigments have become of great interest to the coatings formulator.

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Pigmentos de Alumínio Encapsulado

Encapsulated Aluminum Pigments Improve Physical and Aesthetic Properties in Automotive and General Industrial Coatings.

Today’s coatings requirements (both Automotive OEM and the General Industrial Consumer Markets) have shown the need for metallic flakes that are alkali resistant, show improvement in acid resistance, improve the ability for touch up on OEM paint lines, while at the same time maintaining the desired aesthetics typical of metallic paints.

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